Lots of Thoughts – Now to Write Them Down

Taking the step to enter the blogging world is a daunting one, but one I am drawn toward nonetheless.  I relish the possibilities of connection and discussion that come when viewpoints and ideas are wrestled with thoughtfully and respectfully in community.    If my blog and your comments can be used as a catalyst to further my and your spiritual growth and formation, I will consider myself privileged and honored.

My story demonstrates God’s faithfulness, patience and abundant grace.  I have not found these qualities of God’s character and being easy to grasp nor easy to accept.   In fact it seems that God regularly allows circumstances and people into my life that make it challenging to hang onto these truths.   Yet hang on I do for I know that no one else will prove stable, reliable and constant in the end.  I hope to inspire you to hang on in the dark valleys and to triumph on the mountaintops because we need each other.

So here goes the maiden voyage.  The ship might sink, might need to go into dry dock for repairs, might find smooth waters, might hit an iceberg, but at least it will have left  port and sailed.

Please join me – I can’t wait to travel together.



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