Those Aha! Moments

If you’re anything like me, and I’m going to bet that you are, you experience Aha! Moments. To make sure we’re on the same page and clear with each other, let me clarify what I mean.  I consider Aha! Moments to be moments of  major new understanding, realization or insight.

I’m not talking about those everyday moments when you figure out how the food processor goes back together or the batteries fit in the mouse or how to get to a live person on a customer service line.  I’m talking about those moments which in retrospect mark turning points in your life.  Those are Aha! Moments.

One such Aha! Moment came when I took a Myers Briggs test during a Sunday school class some 20 years ago. I had always known I wouldn’t be considered the life of the party nor invited to perform such duties. I had long recognized I would rather have a serious conversation with a few people than small talk my way through the evening with a group of people I didn’t know and would likely never see again. But now this characteristic had a name — introversion– a description, and could prove useful in a variety of settings.

Aha! Moments of self-understanding such as this one have been some of the sweetest and most challenging moments on my life path. The sweetness comes as I understand better the person God has created me to be.  I can rest assured these characteristics and personality traits have purpose and value, and thus I feel affirmed.  The challenge comes with the awareness of the weaknesses and downsides associated with this trait. I could permit the negatives to reduce the positive effects of the affirmation, yet I find awareness of the  downside brings me to a place of humility and a realization of my dependence upon the triune God.

When I find myself in a conference room filled with people I don’t know, or have a calendar filled with lots of people activities and little “alone” time, or with plans to attend a meeting with extroverts where I will need to interject my opinion , I know I will feel uncomfortable and out of my zone.  Yet these challenges are places of opportunity – if I can make that my perspective rather than focusing on my discomfort.

I imagine more Aha! Moments are headed my way.  What have been Aha! Moments for you?



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