Sabbath and the Health Club

A boot camp class at my health club was the last place I expected to hear the Sabbath concept extolled, but that’s exactly where it happened.

This class was one where the instructor’s stated goal is to tap you out.  In fact this instructor said she wouldn’t be doing the workout with us because her class was so tough and she had another one to teach that day. This was not a great way to inspire confidence or encourage the twelve suckers standing alongside their mats and hand weights in the gym.

After warming up, she put us  into a cycle of 10 exercises for one-minute each with a two-minute rest before beginning the cycle twice more with some variations thrown in.  We did exercises like walking planks, knee bends into overhead presses, push-ups with hand weights, superman planks, prisoner knee bends; you get the picture.

As the class wrapped up and she lead us through a cool down with stretching exercises, she inserted the Sabbath.  Well, she didn’t use the word, but she used the concept.  She talked about women who did this class and didn’t use the two minute rest period to rest.  They kept moving, pushing, running, jumping rope or jogging through the rest periods and ended up not being able to finish the class.

She cautioned us, “Pushing hard can be good, but the body needs rest”.  In fact, it’s impossible to work out seven days a week and not crash or get injured.  The body must rest and be allowed to recover.  It can’t function at a high level without a break to restore and to heal.

I seriously doubt she knew she was echoing God’s example in Genesis 2:2 where the story of creation concludes with the following:  “By the seventh day God had finished the  work he had been doing; so on the seventh day he rested from all his work”.  But she was.

God and his truths often show up in the strangest places – even a health club boot camp class.

Where has God surprised you with his truth?


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