The Acceptable Addiction: Busyness

I am convinced that growth and maturity come through the ongoing process of shredding the tapes running in our heads and replacing them with new ones. For years I lived by the mantra, “If you’re busy, you must be important”. … Continue reading

The Sound of Silence – a personal retreat

Silence… Silence… Silence. Silence can be awkward, comfortable; welcoming, off-putting; soothing, distracting; calming, anxiety-producing.  Teachers find 18 seconds is how long silence is comfortable for students after being asked a question before someone jumps in to “rescue” the teacher and … Continue reading

Ananias and Sapphira: A Modern Political Version

For residents of Chicago and Illinois, headline stories of corrupt politicians and public employees are old hat.  When four of  the last seven governors of your state of residence have been convicted and served time, you become a little jaded. … Continue reading