“Pray Until You Pray”. Huh?

In last week’s introductory class to American Church History, the professor shared some life-shaping advice he received from his pastor as a young adult — “Pray until you pray.”  My initial response was, “Huh?”  Then I heard the wisdom hidden … Continue reading

Transformation and Positive Change: Two Movies Show It Well

Frigid weather with sub-zero temps, the snow machine stuck “on”, and evenings where darkness sets in early are prime conditions for hunkering down and watching movies.  Add Netflix streaming available in front of my couch, multiple releases in theaters I … Continue reading

Stone Piles, Lists and the New Year

The end of the year wouldn’t be the end of the year without LISTS.  Blogs, newspapers, magazines, Twitter, news stories and Facebook feature lists of the ten best, ten worst, ten most popular, twenty most useful, ten sexiest, ten most … Continue reading