What’s Your Response to the “I Am” Statements in John?

One of the distinguishing characteristics of John’s gospel as compared to the Synoptics (the gospels written by Matthew, Mark and Luke), is the Evangelist’s use of eight quotations of Jesus in the form of “I am” statements. In seven of … Continue reading

Visual Art and the Care and Feeding of the Soul

Chicago’s Art Institute is chock full of fabulous art and a must-see place whether you live in the area or are visiting. I’m a card-carrying member, and when my soul needs a creative, artsy fix, that’s where I head. There’s … Continue reading

The Circumstance Behind the Pomp at Graduation

Each person graduating this spring has a story to tell. Everyone who walks across a stage, shakes an administrator’s hand and receives a diploma has overcome¬†obstacles. I wrote the following assignment for the “Rapid Fire Memoir” workshop I took last … Continue reading

I Missed the Graveyard – A Look Back at My Time in Seminary

If asked to list my dreams for the future as an adolescent, attending seminary would not have been one of them. Partly because it was not an option at the seminaries I would have wanted to attend; mostly because it … Continue reading