A Call to Return to the US Postal Service

When I moved the mouse over “send” and squeezed my finger, I noticed I’d selected “reply all.”  Crap. Fortunately the results were not as disastrous as those in Robin Hemley’s short story, “Reply All.” where two members of a poetry … Continue reading

Can You Live by (p)roverbs Alone?

Proverbial sayings may contain the collective wisdom of any particular culture, but they’re not great as signposts. Say the guy you’ve been dating for six months announces he’s been transferred to a new position a few states away; you meet … Continue reading

Why Doom and Gloom are Not the Way to Go

There will be ripples from the recent SCOTUS decision to permit same-sex marriage nationwide, but how far they will extend remains to be seen. Fear-mongers paint doom and gloom scenarios, and slippery slope skiers are lined up for a fast … Continue reading