Walking in the Apostle Paul’s Footsteps in Greece

For two weeks I walked on the same Roman roads where Paul walked, cruised the Aegean Sea where Paul sailed, and island-hopped to the locations I normally skim over when reading the book of Acts. For two weeks I followed the … Continue reading

Visual Art and the Care and Feeding of the Soul

Chicago’s Art Institute is chock full of fabulous art and a must-see place whether you live in the area or are visiting. I’m a card-carrying member, and when my soul needs a creative, artsy fix, that’s where I head. There’s … Continue reading

The Circumstance Behind the Pomp at Graduation

Each person graduating this spring has a story to tell. Everyone who walks across a stage, shakes an administrator’s hand and receives a diploma has overcome obstacles. I wrote the following assignment for the “Rapid Fire Memoir” workshop I took last … Continue reading

I Missed the Graveyard – A Look Back at My Time in Seminary

If asked to list my dreams for the future as an adolescent, attending seminary would not have been one of them. Partly because it was not an option at the seminaries I would have wanted to attend; mostly because it … Continue reading

Is God looking for heroes to change the world?

I used to think God wanted heroes.  Now I think he’s looking for something else. I need more fingers and toes to count the sermons I’ve heard on the better-known heroes in the Bible.  Noah, Abraham, Moses, Joshua, David, Deborah, … Continue reading

Heading South – Putting Things in Context

I’m a Yankee and a Midwesterner with a bucket list notation – “get to know the South”.  So when we were planning a couple’s getaway weekend in January, I proposed going to a southern state I’d never visited before.  We … Continue reading

Transformation and Positive Change: Two Movies Show It Well

Frigid weather with sub-zero temps, the snow machine stuck “on”, and evenings where darkness sets in early are prime conditions for hunkering down and watching movies.  Add Netflix streaming available in front of my couch, multiple releases in theaters I … Continue reading

Stone Piles, Lists and the New Year

The end of the year wouldn’t be the end of the year without LISTS.  Blogs, newspapers, magazines, Twitter, news stories and Facebook feature lists of the ten best, ten worst, ten most popular, twenty most useful, ten sexiest, ten most … Continue reading

What if Christmas Letters Told the Whole Story? What if the Bible Didn’t?

  For a few weeks each December, there are hand-addressed envelopes in my mailbox–and they aren’t wedding invitations. I’ve been thrilled to see the Christmas card and letter traditions are alive and well in 2013, albeit with changes.   As … Continue reading