Thought from Holy Week: Did he have any idea what was happening upstairs?

This year an unnamed biblical character popped off the page as I read the gospel accounts for Maundy Thursday. Three of the Gospels, Matthew, Mark and Luke, record the interaction between Jesus and his disciples as they make preparations to … Continue reading

Batteries Weren’t Included – the Missing Piece

Sermons I heard on Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount did little to clear up the already present muddle in my adolescent brain. I grasped the concept of rules, guidelines and high standards and understood the expectation of perfection, that was … Continue reading

Heading South – Putting Things in Context

I’m a Yankee and a Midwesterner with a bucket list notation – “get to know the South”.  So when we were planning a couple’s getaway weekend in January, I proposed going to a southern state I’d never visited before.  We … Continue reading

Bruised Shins from Stumbling Over Building Blocks of Faith

One evidence of the past three years of seminary study is bruised shins.  Instead of a brain filled with ready-made answers to life’s toughest questions, my hands are regularly on the ground and my knees are bent as I stumble … Continue reading

Transformation and Positive Change: Two Movies Show It Well

Frigid weather with sub-zero temps, the snow machine stuck “on”, and evenings where darkness sets in early are prime conditions for hunkering down and watching movies.  Add Netflix streaming available in front of my couch, multiple releases in theaters I … Continue reading

Stone Piles, Lists and the New Year

The end of the year wouldn’t be the end of the year without LISTS.  Blogs, newspapers, magazines, Twitter, news stories and Facebook feature lists of the ten best, ten worst, ten most popular, twenty most useful, ten sexiest, ten most … Continue reading

Blessings Discovered in My First Liturgical Advent

Previously I wrote about my journey from a conservative Baptist background toward a liturgical church.  For the past six months, I have been attending an evangelical Anglican church, and this December was my first “official” observance of Advent. My previous … Continue reading

Strange Things and Fire Storms

Celebrity pastors and leaders had their time in the spotlight this past week. I returned on Saturday from a twenty-four hour seminary course taught in a retreat format and discovered the blogosphere humming with the antics and doctrinal claims of several … Continue reading

Blind Men and Elephant Parable

            When I first heard the “Blind Men and Elephant” parable used as a teaching illustration, I looked on the observations of the sightless individuals with a hint of derision. I thought, “If only they could … Continue reading

How Important is (fill in the blank with favorite Christian topic)? or Why are There so Many Denominations?

Pull a copy of the yellow pages off the shelf and set it before you.  I’m assuming you keep one copy of the annual directory in case of a power outage or a dead cell phone.. Turn to churches and … Continue reading