Conquer Difficult Subjects and Reap the Benefits

A statistics course was a requirement for my undergraduate economics degree. Without an economics professor qualified to teach the subject that year, the econ majors enrolled in the psych department’s statistics class. After several weeks, the few could-be statisticians were … Continue reading

What You can Learn From a Cat

After an eight-year hiatus from cat ownership, four-month old Prisca moved in late last June. A refugee from some hardship, Prisca and I met at the local animal shelter where more than four hundred cats awaited adoption. Then named Sarah, … Continue reading

Seeing God in My Salad

While slicing carrots, chopping red cabbage, slicing fresh mozzarella and sprinkling grape tomatoes on the arugula and romaine for my salad, I saw God. I’m not claiming any of the food products were God or looked like God or that … Continue reading

The Accepted Addiction: Busyness Pt. 2

Previously I wrote how a week-long illness sparked a period of reflection in my life.  I had adopted a BUSY lifestyle and found it wanting and damaging, not fulfilling.  I decided to make changes. I started with changes to my … Continue reading

No, I Don’t Want an “A” On My Final – Part 2

Several weeks passed before the mid-term exams were graded and returned.  In the intervening time, the professor discussed the final exam and expressed frustration as to the slow progress being made through the course material.  We were in the midst … Continue reading