When the Silence is Broken — Zechariah and Gabriel

How long will you wait for a response to your voicemail, text, email, marriage proposal, bid on a house? How long will you wait for a customer service employee to come back on the phone or for a doctor’s office … Continue reading

Road Tripping with an Unusual Passenger

It was sunny, 86, and late in the afternoon on a mid-July day. The morning thunderstorms had moved on, taken the humidity with them and left behind a well-deserved summer day after the chill of the Polar Vortex winter. I … Continue reading

The Sound of Silence – a personal retreat

Silence… Silence… Silence. Silence can be awkward, comfortable; welcoming, off-putting; soothing, distracting; calming, anxiety-producing.  Teachers find 18 seconds is how long silence is comfortable for students after being asked a question before someone jumps in to “rescue” the teacher and … Continue reading