What’s Your Response to the “I Am” Statements in John?

One of the distinguishing characteristics of John’s gospel as compared to the Synoptics (the gospels written by Matthew, Mark and Luke), is the Evangelist’s use of eight quotations of Jesus in the form of “I am” statements. In seven of … Continue reading

Ananias and Sapphira: A Modern Political Version

For residents of Chicago and Illinois, headline stories of corrupt politicians and public employees are old hat.  When four of  the last seven governors of your state of residence have been convicted and served time, you become a little jaded. … Continue reading

Lance and “Limitless”

Lance Armstrong’s taped confession to Oprah scheduled to be aired this Thursday, January 17, 2013, brings to mind the concept and message underlying the 2011 movie, “Limitless“. In the movie, a writer, Eddie Morra, suffering from writer’s block discovers an experimental … Continue reading