Road Tripping with an Unusual Passenger

It was sunny, 86, and late in the afternoon on a mid-July day. The morning thunderstorms had moved on, taken the humidity with them and left behind a well-deserved summer day after the chill of the Polar Vortex winter. I … Continue reading

The Circumstance Behind the Pomp at Graduation

Each person graduating this spring has a story to tell. Everyone who walks across a stage, shakes an administrator’s hand and receives a diploma has overcome obstacles. I wrote the following assignment for the “Rapid Fire Memoir” workshop I took last … Continue reading

Paper and Pens, Tools for Dinosaurs?

I am finicky about the paper and pens I use.  Really finicky. My strong preferences for writing materials surfaced in college when I routinely used a refillable blue Paper Mate “click” pen to take notes in class.  The point had … Continue reading

The Question: To Blog or Not to Blog

Some days I feel compelled to blog and share my thoughts, other days I wonder why I would think that was an important or meaningful thing to do.  Mine is a small, relatively unknown voice in the blogosphere realm, why … Continue reading

Writing about Suffering Can Get You Down – and Lift You Up

To complete the Capstone paper requirement for the Master of Arts in Christian Studies degree program, I wrote a 40+ page paper on the subject of suffering and sanctification.  Yes, it was and is a heavy subject, but one I … Continue reading

Laughing About Punctuation

Lynne Truss made me laugh out loud while reading her best-selling book on punctuation, “Eats, Shoots and Leaves”.  Any author who can make a reader laugh, even silently, about punctuation is to be respected and commended.  If the reader loudly … Continue reading